Sarah’s paper now out

 Sarah’s paper on comparative Sox binding is now available from BMC Genomics

Sarah’s paper on BioRxiv

Sarah’s thesis work on Dichaete and SoxN binding in different Drosophila species is now available on BioRxiv. Reveals the shared binding by both proteins is highly conserved.


Tardy announcement!

 It is well past belatedly that I add our (now not so) new postdoc Dagmara Korona to the list of lab colleagues. Dagmara has joined us to work on our Fly proteome BBSRC LoLa grant. It is a real pleasure to have her in the lab.

Busy Week

 A busy week in the lab, both Katerina and Sarah passed their PhD viva’s – much celebration ensued!  Sarah is moving on to a computational biology Postdoc at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel, so good luck to her. As ever, I am incredibly proud of the students I have hosted in the lab. Well done to both of them.

Protein Trap Paper

After almost 6 years, many millions of screened embryos and thousands of images provided by a host of labs, out Protein Trap paper finally sees the light of day in Development. A tremendous effort by all those involved. You can read it in all its (open access) glory here. There is also a fabulous accompanying paper from Bénédicte Sanson’s lab describing in detail the embryonic expression and localisation of the lines.

Thanks to all those involved.

Enrico’s paper now out

Enrico’s paper on SoxN genomics and a comparative analysis of SoxN and Dichaete binding in mutant backgrounds is now out in Genome Biology. We are very proud of this paper.

Enrico’s viva success

Congratulations to Enrico on successfully defending his PhD thesis today.  A fabulous piece of work on SoxN genome biology as well as a fascinating analysis of SoxN and Dichaete redundancy at a genomic level.

Bettina’s Bioconductor Package

A landmark for the lab with our first ever BioConductor package now available.  SimBindProfiles allows comparisons of ChIP-array binding profiles to identify differential binding in different datasets, while there are tools to this with ChIP-seq data there was little or nothing usable for array based analysis.  Bettina put it together with some help from Enrico and Robert Stojnic to facilitate our work on Dichaete and SoxN binding but it is broadly applicable to any ChIP-array datasets.

I think this is a fabulous piece of work – well done Bettina!

Dichaete Paper Out

Jelena’s Dichaete genomics paper is now out in BMC Genomics.  Great job troops.

The new grad students

A very warm welcome to Alex Chen and Josh Maher, who have just joined the lab as grad students.  Alex will be working on the Hox specificity project and Alex will be extending the Joy of Sox into other insect species.

Hope you have fun guys!


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