FlyChip article highly accessed

Two Highly Accessed articles in a week!

New music

A bit of a Nick Cave obsession results in several of his back catalogue added, including the fantastic Murder Ballads – quite excellent.  A great record by Bill Callahan (Apocalypse) is worth a listen as is the new Alexander Tucker (Dorwytch). David Comes to Life, a “concept album” by Fucked Up is an interesting departure for the Canadian Hardcore Punks.  The obligatory Jock music for this month is Ballads of the Book, an eclectic compilation from Chemikal Underground Records.  All this and much more 🙂


MozAtlas an instant success

The MozAtlas paper receives an instant “Highly Accessed” moniker at BMC Genomics!

Genetics Dept Friday Night Fun

A splendid effort by the lab: The aforementioned beer, cake and giant flies were joined by Haggis, Dim Sum, Pastries, Spicy wings and much more – the incredible Scientists Ice Cream (being made be Robert, Jelena and David) was fantastic.  Well done to the lab members who made it through to 6 AM!

Beer! Cake! Giant Drosophila!

Join us all tonight in the Department of Genetics from 5pm, for the Russell and Adryan lab Enhanced Happy Hour! 🙂

Dean’s MozAtlas paper published

Dean’s MozAtlas paper, cataloging gene expression in Anopheles Gambiae, is now published in BMC Genomics, along with an accompanying commentary article.  We generated MozAtlas as part of a Grand Challenges in Global Health project aimed at tackling the malaria vector.  The paper describes Dean’s database, MozAtlas, that contains Anophelese tissue and sex-specific gene expression profiles and can be found here.

Sad day

A tragic day – Steve’s iPOD had died: after 4 years sterling daily service the iPOD passed away peacefully during a sync operation.  Despite repeated attempts to revive the stricken music player, it was pronounced dead on Friday 3rd June at 17:45.  A wake will be held at Strawberry Fair Beer Tent today.


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