End of an Era

After almost 7 years the Gates team is slowly dissolving.  Dean will shortly depart for Australia to his soon to be acquired orchard near Manjimup.  We’ve had fun I think and done some good science along the way!

Good luck Dean

Killie in the Sunshine

Up to Hampden to see Killie play Celtic in the League Cup final.  “The day was bright and sunny” (Proclaimers – Joyful Kilmarnock Blues).  We travelled more in hope than expectation but were rewarded by a fine performance from the Lads, some splendid goalkeeping from man of the match Cammy Bell, a goal 6 min from time and Killie are in Dreamland.

2012 League Cup Winners without conceding a single goal in the whole tournament.

Drink was taken!

2012 Fly Meeting

In the glorious world of post-viva freedom, Jelena is joining in with mass fruit fly worship at the Annual Drosophila Research Conference in Chicago. She’s also occasionally expressing her enthusiasm by blogging and tweeting about it.

Bettina’s Fly Sperm Paper Published

Our paper on the mRNA content of fly sperm, a collaboration between FlyChip, Tim Karr and Steve Dorus, is published in Proc R Soc B today.  We make the interesting observation that mature fly sperm contain an mRNA repertoire and that at least some of these transcripts are transferred to the egg upon fertilisation.  Intriguingly, the major signature of the fly sperm mRNA population is a striking enrichment for mRNAs encoding ribosomal proteins and other translation functions: we find exactly the same enrichment in the mRNA purified from human sperm.  A mystery 🙂


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