1st proteome paper out


The first paper from our BBSRC developmental proteome project is now out – a pilot study investigating the optimal approaches for label-free quantitation (Proteomics 2015)[PubMed]

New Hox Paper

Hox_bindOur paper with Rob White’s group on Hox specificity and Chromatin is now available in Epigentics & Chromatin.

Anopheles Gene Drive

Our Target Malaria consortium paper demonstrating how CRISPR-CAS9 can be used to drive disruption of female fertility genes is out now in Nature Biotechnology. A great job led by Tony Nolan in the Imperial College team.Drive

Gene Drive Recommendations

The advent of CRISPR-Cas9 based genome engineering has opened up many avenues for genome engineering in many organisms. A group of Drosophila researchers active in the field have published some guidance and recommendations for using gene drive systems based on our collective experiences. We highlight some of the potential problems, provide suggestions for using drive-based systems and call for transparency in the use of these systems in the laboratory. The consensus view of our group is available now in Science.

Sarah’s paper on BioRxiv

Sarah’s thesis work on Dichaete and SoxN binding in different Drosophila species is now available on BioRxiv. Reveals the shared binding by both proteins is highly conserved.


Dichaete Paper Out

Jelena’s Dichaete genomics paper is now out in BMC Genomics.  Great job troops.

More HEGing

Our paper describing improvement performance of the Homing Endonuclease strategy in Drosophila is out now in PLoS ONE.  Great job by Sang David along with the two undergrad project students, Ruth and Eleanor who contributed to the work.

Impressive BMC Dev Biol performance.

Ten weeks from first submission to publication is a very impressive performance from BMC Dev Biol.  This included decent, well considered reviews and a rapid re-review.

Identifying targets of the Sox domain protein Dichaete in the Drosophila CNS via targeted expression of dominant negative proteins. (BMC Dev Biol)  is work by Shih-Pei and Jelena exploring tissue-specific Dichaete phenotypes & gene expression responses.

Notch response paper published

Our paper on the immediate genomic response to Notch signalling with Sarah Bray’s lab is now out in PLoS Genetics. A nice start to the new year.

We wish you all an eventful and fun filled 2013.

Clustering paper preprint on arXiv

First paper sent to the arXiv preprint server.  Work by Audrey Fu on our Notch timecourse collaboration with Sarah Bray developed a new clustering approach for timecourse data.  The paper, Bayesian clustering of replicated time-course gene expression data with weak signals, is now available. Many thanks to Audrey for posting it.


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