Aleksandra presents her work at Amgen symposium

Aleksandra Mandic, a very talented Amgen scholar who was working in our lab for the summer, recently completed her project and presented her work at the Amgen symposium.

Aleksandra’s project focused on the mechanism by which Dichaete dominant negative alleles produce changes in gene expression, and she generated preliminary ChIP-chip data, as well as many exciting staining pictures, to answer this.

3rd International Sox Meeting

Enrico, Jelena and Steve pay an educational visit to the worlds oldest continuously running brewery, Weihenstephan (Freising, Bavaria) at the end of the 3rd International Sox meeting in Grainau. The Korbinian Doppelbock is particularly tasty!

The meeting, as with the previous Sox-fests, was fantastic with stacks of great presentations and the usual friendly atmosphere. Many thanks to Michael Wegner and his colleagues for the superb organisation & finding such a splendid Alpine location.

Very nice wee paper from Dean

A very fine little paper from Dean demonstrating that, contrary to previous reports, testis expressed genes are underrepresented on the Anopheles gambiae X chromosome is now in press in Genetics.  A fine demonstration of the utility of the MozAtlas.


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