Alfonso Martinez-Arias has disseminated a copy of the spoof journal Cool (get it here) that has been pinned to my office wall for well over 20 years. I keep it to remind me what science is actually about (and Cool is not!). Alfonso uses it to illustrate some of the things enraging him about the current state of research – his blog is worth a read.

The fly genome in 3D

A fantastic paper from Giacomo Cavalli’s lab – a whole genome Hi-C map of the fly genome develops a model of the way the fly genome is partitioned into regulatory domains in the nucleus. ┬áThis is a technical tour-de-force that provides a basis for exploring how the genome is partitioned into active and inactive domains in the 3D space of the nucleus.

Sexton et al (2012) Cell 148:

Drosophila goes viral

In a glorious union of several different types of geekery, you can now find Drosophila embryonic development videos on YouTube! ­čÖé

Here are a few samples:
General early development
Early mitotic divisions

Bettina becomes a youtube sensation

Bettina has been collaborating on the testing of a new Spectrometer for measuring Nucleic acid concentrations, the Astragene.  The guys from AstraNet needed a promo video: Bettina  plays a starring role  so see it on YouTube:

Missed Paper

I seemed to have missed this with it’s stealth release over the festive season. A fantastic experiment from┬áPavel Tomancak’s lab. ┬áThere is a related paper from┬áDiethard Tautz in the same issue.

Systems Biology Reviews

The 18th March issue of Cell is devoted to Systems Biology &  includes a number of interesting reviews.


Cool scope

This is cool – a portable battery operated $300 fluorescence microscope. ┬áSee PLoS ONE


Science and spin

A scary and thought-provoking post about the evidence of spin in published academic research. The sort of science not to do.


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