Congratulation Enrico

Congratulation to Enrico on his authorship on a Molecular Cell paper published this week.

Cornwall trip

Rico, Katerina and Jelena went to Cornwall for the Genetics Department Graduate Retreat at the weekend.

The suspiciously cheap luxury hotel turned out to be a creepy Scientology secret base (no kidding!), but we successfully evaded the cult recruitment attempts, and deconstructing Scientology nonsense provided much amusement to the whole group. However, at the end of the weekend we were all glad to escape the plastic butterfly art, freaky harp music and Scientology propaganda.

On the bright side – the coastline was stunning, we listened to lots of excellent presentations, and had some great discussions. Also, the Eden Project is both beautiful and educational, and was well worth a visit. We’re grateful to all the Genetics grad students for an awesome and entertaining weekend ūüôā

Jock Rock in Bethnal Green

A splendid night of pounding Glaswegian Techno of the very highest order from¬†Errors last night. ¬†Bethnal Green Working Mens Club – what a venue: notice the magnificent “Mr & Mrs” style heart shaped stage. ¬†The band were excellent, go and see them if you get the chance.

Although Bethnal Green Road is a bit of a desert if you,re looking for a restaurant – Evertons, a Caribbean bistro, is recommended – fantastic goat curry.

Hox binding paper now out

Our paper on Ubx and Hth binding in the haltere is now out in PLoSONE along with a similar analysis from Richard Mann and Kevin White in the same issue.

Bettina becomes a youtube sensation

Bettina has been collaborating on the testing of a new Spectrometer for measuring Nucleic acid concentrations, the Astragene.  The guys from AstraNet needed a promo video: Bettina  plays a starring role  so see it on YouTube:

New Music

New music on Steve’s iTunes: including some excellent material from Grails, a new Vessels LP, an excellent Marmaduke Duke CD, a wonderfully gentle King Creosote¬†album. ¬†Eat lights:Become Lights are a fairly new bunch of knob twiddlers – splendid¬†stuff. ¬†A few LPs from the recently discovered (by me at least) ……And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead. ¬†Finally, Youngteam are an interesting Swedish band I recently came across that are worth a listen.

All this and so much more………..enjoy ūüôā


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