Science and spin

A scary and thought-provoking post about the evidence of spin in published academic research. The sort of science not to do.

Mad Scottish Beer

The lads at the BrewDog Brewery have done it again:

Stronger than Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32%), more powerful than Sink The Bismark (41%)….

The End of History (55%) is surely the most frightening development in the history of beer. ¬†Fortunately it’s sold out!

On holiday

Hi guys,

I will be away on holiday for the next 3 weeks – back in the lab on the 16th of August. Enjoy your free-time of not beeing told off by me for leaving a mess in the lab… ūüėČ



Richard made a sarcastic comment after Spain lost their first game and was forced to buy and wear a Spanish shirt for the World Cup final!

Best team wins

New Music

This weeks additions include: Dirty Projectors + Bjork, Old Bowie Stuff, Mystery Jets, Otis Redding, James Brown.


Louis leaving THIS WEEK!

Louis is leaving us on Friday 9th so a visit to a hostelry or two on Thursday 8th is in order, details to follow.


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