January Music

I have been tardy in updating the SysBio centre iTunes library, consequently there is about 5 days of new music that’s just been added.  I’m liking The Lost Tapes, a series of CAN tracks from 68-77, and well worth a listen.  This spurred me to get digital copies of my old vinyl so plenty more CAN.  Other stuff includes Errors, Eat Lights Become Lights, Gnod, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Neil Young & the Horse (Psychedelic Pill – excellent), Richard Hawley (standing at the ski’s Edge – very good), PAWS (a young Glasgow band on FatCat records) Psychedelic Horseshit, Odonis Odonis, Crocodiles, King Creosote, Scott Walker & loads more.  Your sure to find something worth listing to!

More HEGing

Our paper describing improvement performance of the Homing Endonuclease strategy in Drosophila is out now in PLoS ONE.  Great job by Sang David along with the two undergrad project students, Ruth and Eleanor who contributed to the work.

Impressive BMC Dev Biol performance.

Ten weeks from first submission to publication is a very impressive performance from BMC Dev Biol.  This included decent, well considered reviews and a rapid re-review.

Identifying targets of the Sox domain protein Dichaete in the Drosophila CNS via targeted expression of dominant negative proteins. (BMC Dev Biol)  is work by Shih-Pei and Jelena exploring tissue-specific Dichaete phenotypes & gene expression responses.

Notch response paper published

Our paper on the immediate genomic response to Notch signalling with Sarah Bray’s lab is now out in PLoS Genetics. A nice start to the new year.

We wish you all an eventful and fun filled 2013.


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