Hox Grant!

 Rob White and I are extremely happy to have been awarded a BBSRC research grant to study how Hox transcription factors achieve target specificity. We are currently looking for a Postdoc to join the project who has an enthusiasm for understanding the genome biology of this ancient class of transcription factors (see advert till 18th Jan).

Tardy announcement!

 It is well past belatedly that I add our (now not so) new postdoc Dagmara Korona to the list of lab colleagues. Dagmara has joined us to work on our Fly proteome BBSRC LoLa grant. It is a real pleasure to have her in the lab.

Busy Week

 A busy week in the lab, both Katerina and Sarah passed their PhD viva’s – much celebration ensued!  Sarah is moving on to a computational biology Postdoc at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel, so good luck to her. As ever, I am incredibly proud of the students I have hosted in the lab. Well done to both of them.


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