Cube Dies :-(

Sadly the trusty old G4 Cube that has done sterling service providing iTunes access for the Systems Biology Centre has given up the ghost, age 11 years old.  The 82 days of music has been moved to a modern machine and is available as Shared  iTunes library, Steve’s_iTunes.

Due to tardiness, it’s not been updated for a while so there is a  stack of new music, too numerous to list.

Must listen records include new LPs from  We Were Promised Jetpacks, Tom Waits, She’s Hit, She Keeps Bees, Kate Bush’s fantastic new one and 90 Bisodol, a superb return to form by those Merseyside giants Half Man Half Biscuit .


Islet at the Portland

A quite splendid gig at the Portland Arms last night, Islet are a group of Welsh musicians who are truly joyous to watch.  Constantly switching instruments, playing with an incredible enthusiasm and roaming through the audience as they do so, they put on a fantastic performance.  Go if you get the chance.

Supported by a couple of young bands from Cambridge, Dirty Cousins and Ill Murray, the latter a particularly impressive group, all in all a top nights entertainment.

A shout goes out to Simon at GreenMind promotions for supporting local bands and bringing a range of interesting music to Cambridge, check out the GrennMind site for upcoming gigs.

Audrey leaving

After 3 years in the group, working on a joint projection Notch signalling with Sarah Bray and Simon Tavaré, Audrey is off to the Dept of Human Genetics, University of Chicago for further Postdoc work.  It has been great having a bona fide card-carrying statistician in the group and we have all learned a tremendous amount from her.  Audrey has been great fun to have in the lab and she will be sorely missed.

Good luck in Chicago Audrey !

Leaving drinks will be taken from 6pm on Wed 9th Nov at the Prince Regent on Regent Street.


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