Previous lab members

Grad Students

Olimpia Bonpadre, MPhil student
Alex Chen, PhD student
Josh Maher, PhD student

Sarah Carl

After her undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago, Sarah came to Cambridge to join the Wellcome Trust Developmental Biology PhD program. She survived a rotation in the lab (looking at Sox genes in Beetles and Mosquitoes) and retuned to carry out an elegant comparative analysis of Dichaete and SoxN binding in different Drosophila species. She is now moved on to a computational biology Postdoc at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel


Enrico Ferrero

Enrico got his BSc and MSc degrees in Molecular Biotechnology from the University of Torino. In our lab he did some beautiful work on the genomics of SoxN and a stunning comparative analysis of Dichaete and SoxN binding. He is now working as a computational biologist with GSK.


Aikaterini Chatzipli 

Katerina received her BSc degree from the University of Thessaly in Greece where she studied Marine Biology and obtained a Masters at the University of Edinburgh. In the lab she studied the in vivo specificity of Hox proteins buy expressing different Hox’s in the wing disc and characterising gene expression and genome-wide binding.


Jelena Aleksic

Jelena received her BSc from the University of Edinburgh before completing her PhD exploring the regulatory logic of the fly genome. Her work involved a mixture of experimental and computational methods for studying Dichaete DNA-binding and roles in gene expression in the developing Drosophila nervous system. After a brief stint with the InterMine project, Jelena joined Michaela Frye’s lab as a computational biologist. She is now embarking on an exciting commercial enterprise.


Nichanun Phochanukul

Nich’s PhD focused on the role of Sox100B in sex differentiation. She used both experimental and computational genomics methods to answer questions about transcriptional regulation. She returned to her native Thailand where sh is now a Lecturer in the Department of Aquaculture, Kasetsart University, Bangkok.

Lawrence Choo, PhD student

Lawrence worked on understanding the genomic activity of Hox domain transcription factors in imaginal discs using a combination of ChIP-array and computational methods.  He is now a Senior Lecturer at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur


Samantha Loh
Paul Overton
Faysal Riaz
Natalia Sanchez Soriano
Shih Pei Shen
Sanjay Tickoo
Alex Whitworth
Charles Wright
Lucy McWilliam
Shreeya Nanda

Postdocs & RAs

David Huen, Postdoc

Originally from a chemical engineering background, David used a mixture of mathematical and computational methods (and other such mystical wizardry) to gain insight into biological theory problems. His research focused on malaria, funded by the Grand Challenges to Global Health program. He also worked on developing computational analysis tools, and the use of transposable elements in genetic research. David is now a Lecturer at Wolverhampton University

Sang Chan, Research Assistant

Sang is a biochemistry graduate from Salford University. He made major contributions to our work Drosophila modelling the homing endonuclease population control strategy in Drosophila as part of the Grand Challenges to Global Health program funded by the Bill and Mellinda Gates Foundation. Prior to that he contributed to the DrosDel project and to our work with gene expression neighbourhoods. Sang is currently in the Yuu Kimata lab here in Genetics

Dean Baker, Postdoc

Funded by the Grand Challenges in Global Health Scheme, Dean has long-term research interests in many aspects of evolutionary genetics. A key component of his research was the development of phylogenomic models for investigating the evolutionary origins and divergence of sexually dimorphic traits. During the Grand Challenges work he identified targets for the next generation of insect control agents and made valuable contributions in the general area of Sex-biased gene expression. Dean is now a farmer in Manjimup Australia where he grows apples and makes beer.