Summer Students

We had two fantastic summer students in the lab this summer.  Rhizlane Charai from Clermont-Ferrand in France was 8 months pregnant (her lovely daughter was born 15th Aug, she left the lab 18th July!).  She did a fabulous job of characterising the expression of a couple of proteins in Sox100B mutant embryos and generated a lovely embryonic Sox100B DamID profile.  Thanks Rhizlane and best wishes for the future.

Anna Hakes is an Oxford undergraduate who came on a Genetics Society Genes & Development Summer Studentship to generate a genome wide map of DNaseI accessible  sites in wing imaginal disc chromatin.  A superb effort from Anna, who dissected almost 1000 wing discs during her 8 week stay.  While we didn’t get the profiles, she did an excellent job of troubleshooting a very tricky piece of molecular biology and we are in a much better position to progress with this project.  Thanks to Anna, we hope she enjoys her future work in Oxford.

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