Bettina’s Fly Sperm Paper Published

Our paper on the mRNA content of fly sperm, a collaboration between FlyChip, Tim Karr and Steve Dorus, is published in Proc R Soc B today.  We make the interesting observation that mature fly sperm contain an mRNA repertoire and that at least some of these transcripts are transferred to the egg upon fertilisation.  Intriguingly, the major signature of the fly sperm mRNA population is a striking enrichment for mRNAs encoding ribosomal proteins and other translation functions: we find exactly the same enrichment in the mRNA purified from human sperm.  A mystery 🙂

Congratulation Enrico

Congratulation to Enrico on his authorship on a Molecular Cell paper published this week.

Hox binding paper now out

Our paper on Ubx and Hth binding in the haltere is now out in PLoSONE along with a similar analysis from Richard Mann and Kevin White in the same issue.

FlyProt proteomics paper accepted

Congratulations to the FlyProt team (Johanna Rees, Nick Lowe, Irina Armean, John Roote, Glynnis Johnson, Emma Drummond, Helen Spriggs, Ed Ryder, Steven Russell, Daniel St Johnston & Kathryn Lilley), particularly Jo Rees from the CCP, on the parallel affinity purification paper now accepted for publication in Molecular and Cellular Proteomics.

modENCODE Nature Paper Published

The efforts of the modENCODE consortium led by Kevin White in Chicago see the light of day in a paper published in Nature today.  Well done to all the team (Nicolas Nègre, Christopher D. Brown, Lijia Ma, Christopher Aaron Bristow, Steven W. Miller, Ulrich Wagner, Pouya Kheradpour, Matthew L. Eaton, Paul Loriaux, Rachel Sealfon, Zirong Li, Haruhiko Ishii, Rebecca F. Spokony, Jia Chen, Lindsay Hwang, Chao Cheng, Richard P. Auburn, Melissa B. Davis, Marc Domanus, Parantu K. Shah, Carolyn A. Morrison, Jennifer Zieba, Sarah Suchy, Lionel Senderowicz, Alec Victorsen, Nicholas A. Bild, A. Jason Grundstad, David Hanley, David M. MacAlpine, Mattias Mannervik, Koen Venken, Hugo Bellen, Robert White, Mark Gerstein, Steven Russell, Robert L. Grossman, Bing Ren, James W. Posakony, Manolis Kellis & Kevin P. White)

Our Microarray book published in Chinese!

I was startled to receive through the post today a few Chinese language copies of Microarray Technology in Practice from the publisher!

A pleasant surprise indeed though obviously we can’t vouch for the reliability of the translation.

INDAC paper

After a timescale bordering on the geological, the paper describing our development of the INDAC array probe set and the techniques for evaluating specificity is finally in press.  Well done everyone – especially Peter Sykacek for his dogged determination 🙂

Sykacek P, Kreil DP, Meadows LA, Auburn RP, Fischer B, Russell S, Micklem G. (2011) The impact of quantitative microarray optimization on gene expression analysis.  BMC Bioinformatics (In Press)

Available here

2 in a day!

Remarkably David and Sang’s homing endonuclease paper was also accepted yesterday – 2 acceptances in the same day, I feel quite faint 🙂

Well done Sang and David.

Ubx/hth paper accepted

After a struggle, Lawrence’s Ubx/hth binding paper has been accepted in PLoSONE.  Link to follow.


The modENCODE integrative paper is published in Science today, a huge effort from many people with particular thanks to Manolis for pulling it together.  We (Richard Auburn, Rob White and Steve) are part of Kevin White’s modENCODE subgroup.


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