Steve Russell, PI

Steve Russell received his PhD in genetics from the University of Glasgow after obtaining a BSc in Molecular Biology. He carried out postdoctoral work in the Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge with Michael Ashburner, where he is now a Reader in Genome Biology. He founded the FlyChip Drosophila functional genomics group and also the Cambridge Systems Biology Centre, where he is currently Deputy Director. Since his PhD work with Kim Kaiser, he has had an enduring interest in the genomics of gene expression in Drosophila, with a particular focus on the Sox family of transcription factors and on proteins regulating aspects of chromatin architecture.

Bettina Fischer, FlyChip Lab Manager

Bettina is the Research Assistant of the group and the mainstay of the FlyChip microarray group. As well as running the Microarray Service Facility she carries out a considerable amount of technical development, constantly improving our gene expression and ChIP-array protocols. Complementing her lab work she has expertise in data processing, in particular, she is constantly evaluating analysis software, as well as adapting and updating our analysis scripts and pipelines.



Dagmara Korona, PostDoc

With a PhD from University of Lodz in Poland, Dagmara has several years of postdoctoral experience in the USA. She is joining our BBSRC funded Fly Proteomics Lola where her very considerable molecular skills are already proving to be invaluable.



Stefan Koestler, PostDoc

After a BSc and Masters from Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China, Alex joined the lab to work on the Hox specificity project we do in collaboration with Rob White. Alex will focus on both imaginal disc and cell line assays.




Maria Ouvarova, PhD student

Maria graduated from our PartIII Systems Biology course and is now working on a join project on fly fatty acid metabolism led by Jules Griffin with our lab and Kathryn Lilley’s.

Previous lab members


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